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What Are Promotional Products?
Any item or product that you give to promote your business is a promotional product. Usually, these products carry the tagline, logo, name or phone number and website address of the company that gives them to their clients. They are usually used to promote a certain activity of the business that is giving them – an event, a new product, new service, a significant discount, etc.

But, why use promotional products?
They’re important because they provide benefits that no other marketing strategy can achieve in such a short timeframe and with such a low budget.

*In House Benefits
Yes, you can use promotional gift items in-house as well. And, not just that – they can show some magnificent results, boost your sales, as well as employee satisfaction.
When it comes to sales, it’s simple – give your sales teams useful promotional items. They can then give the products to their clients upon signing a contract or build a rapport with potential ones by sending promotional gift bags before the big meeting. That is how you show your clients you appreciate the fact that they chose you, and how you make the jobs of the people in your sales team easier.
On the other hand, there’s another in-house benefit. You can give good promotional items to your employees. Some examples of promotional products are branded coffee mugs, t-shirts and promotional pens. These useful promotional items should be everywhere, while your high-quality promotional products should be given as gifts to the employee of the month, or for special occasions. That’s how your employees will become brand advocates – even in their free time.

*Customer-related benefits
Promotional products are crucial in this area. With business corporate gifts, you get effective, low-cost promotional products advertising that’s a lot cheaper than any other method per impression. If you choose good promotional items that will frequently be used, you get cheap exposure on a daily basis. People who get a promo item from you will remember your brand for almost two years, so there are branding benefits as well. And, last but not least, you get customer loyalty.

Things you should consider before you start using promotional products

  • The audience you are aiming to reach – determine who exactly you want to wow with your promotional products before you order.
  • Your goals – make sure to know exactly what you want these products to achieve. Then choose the type of product accordingly and get advice where necessary.
  • Your budget – never go overboard. It’s better to take smaller items, but choose high-quality ones, than take big ones that are poorly made. After all, you are looking to win people over.

Whatever your audience will be interested in is a good choice for a promo item. And, if you play your cards right, whatever you choose will bring a return on your investment. Give us a call to find out how we can help with your promotional product needs. With access to millions of different promotional products, The Marketing Group can definitely help you and your brand stand out from the crowd!


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